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Libel Law in the UK

British libel laws are of the utmost importance to all journalists in the UK, even more so now from the emergence of the internet. Their underlying aim is to balance the right of free speech against protection for the reputation of an individual from … Continue reading

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The Power of the Social Network

There is a lot of talk of the Twitter Revolution. Many people seem to be going on and on about the power of the social networks, and so often it seems unfounded and difficult to believe.  But look: it is … Continue reading

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Burma VJ – Interview Joshua

This is a transcript of my phone-interview with Joshua. He’s been working as a VJ for the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) since 2005. We talked about the general situation in the country and about the importance of digital technologies. How would you describe … Continue reading

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Burma VJ – Introduction

“Armed with video-cameras a tenacious band of Burmese reporters face down death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country” (Burma VJ – documentary feature) I talked to two of those tenacious journalists, Joshua and Sam, VJs of the DVB. I … Continue reading

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Enemies of the State – Cellular phones and digital cameras.

[Continued from here] But pictures were getting out… Amateur footage of the protests, the violence, even some of protestors being shot and killed by the Iranian authorities had escaped the blockade, and had made it to screens all around the … Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression in the UK

Freedom of the press does not have the same meaning everywhere in the world.  In countries such as North Korea, Iran or Burma, media restrictions are easier for us to see as we’re viewing from the outside and comparing them to what we … Continue reading

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North Korea – high tech and low tech

This blog is supposed to be about modern technology breaking down the barriers to a free press. I’m sure someone else will write about Twitter in Iran or China’s Great Firewall, so allow me to go back in time a … Continue reading

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