The Presentation: An Overview

Looking back I’m pleased with the presentation and how it ran on the day. I think we brought all the research we had done together.  In examining the use of digital technologies worldwide this allowed us to comment on how it helps or hinders different countries freedom of the press.  We could also compare this to press freedom in the UK. It was a challenge to give each place and each point a time slot, as there was just so much to say.  If we were to do it again we could look into this and maybe find a more effective way of portraying the each countries press freedom.

Anna did incredibly well bringing everything together on the powerpoint and I think the link to Adrian via Skype was the right way to get our point across in how digital technologies are used.  We could have maybe used other interactive technologies to give the presentation a more multimedia feel.

I was happy with Matt Fleming’s interview and that we could hear from a professional firsthand about freedom of the press in the UK. I hope by using a snippet in the presentation this enticed the audience to our blog afterwards to view the longer cuts of his interview.  He raised some interesting points about Twitter and libel laws, and also commented on press freedom in Dubai, which I have since looked into to find out more.

The question and answer session after the presentation was very interesting and we were asked some thought provoking questions which gave us a great opportunity to bring in other information we didn’t have chance to cover in the presentation.

I think there are still massive amounts we could research but I hope we covered the most important points to answer the question for all of you. 

I’d love to know what you think…

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5 Responses to The Presentation: An Overview

  1. I think that your presentation went really well. The powerpoint was beautifully laid out, which kept my attention throughout. The mix of media that you used was impressive, including the recorded skype conversation with Adrian and the interview with Matt Flemming. It was presented clearly too.

    The only critic that I have is that you had a lot of information to get across to us in the fifteen minutes. It’s a shame that you ran out of time for Alex’s part, which I feel he didn’t get to go into enough.

    Nevertheless, the discussion afterwards made up for it and I liked how when some questions were answered aloud, you referred to comments posted in the live twitter feed.

    Well done guys – very interesting and I learned a lot.

  2. Claire Jones says:

    Thank you. It was a shame Alex still had a couple of points to make, but thankfully he could bring these up in the discussion. I think we were faced with too much to say and not enough time to say it! If we were to do this again we would definitely need to address time management and keeping our points more clear and concise.

  3. yeah i found the presentation quite engaging despite whatever issues you felt there were. as an outside audience of the presentation for the first time, i got immersed in to it immediately. good job!

  4. What a lot of information you had to convey?! Unlike other topics, which at the end of the day come down to personal judgement, press freedom is a really diverse, and of course constantly changing. It was also something that certainly us MBJ’s don’t really look into at any other point in the course. You really gave us a thorough run down and it was great to have the opportunity for us to ask questions that perhaps we didn’t quite get around to answering during the presentation itself.

    So great job- it’s certainly inspired me to look outside of our ‘British bubble’. You’re right, as journalists in this country we are lucky. I don’t think feeling lucky however, should stop us paying very close attention to the huge responsibility we have in portraying the truth fairly and accurately.

  5. Claire Jones says:

    Thank you Clare. I agree, I don’t think us MBJ’s cover a lot of issues that arise for the press in other countries so it gave me great insight and the opportunity to compare and contrast to the UK. Also from working with Arian and Anne, Alex and I could throw around different ideas and opinions as we have different areas of knowledge from the courses. That benefitted us greatly in our group dynamic, which I hope showed from our work.

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