Useful links for further information…

As we near the end of the project, here are some extra bits of information surrounding press freedom worldwide that we haven’t covered but which are important…

The Broadcast Freedom Act

The Broadcaster Freedom Act is a petition put together on Facebook in America.  It states The Broadcast Freedom Act: “will prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from prescribing rules, regulations, or policies that will reinstate the requirement that broadcasters present opposing viewpoints in controversial issues of public importance. The Broadcaster Freedom Act will prevent the FCC or any future President from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. This legislation ensures true freedom and fairness will remain on our radio airwaves, and I would encourage everybody to cosponsor and support this bill”.  Read more about this:

Press Freedom Index 2010

This is an annual ranking of countries compiled and published by Reporters Without Borders based upon the organization’s assessment of their press freedom records, published on 20th October 2010.  The report is based on a questionnaire sent to partner organizations of Reporters Without Borders and its 130 correspondents around the world, as well as to journalists, researchers, jurists and human rights activists.  The survey asks questions about direct attacks on journalists and the media as well as other indirect sources of pressure against the free press.  Read more about this:

Centre for International Media Assistance

Press Freedom in Ukraine: Incredible Shrinking Media Space

On October 22, CIMA and Internews Network hosted a panel discussion.  This followed on from the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index results, which downgraded Ukraine 42 spots to 131st place, worse than Zimbabwe and Egypt, and alongside countries such as Algeria and Cameroon. Recent reports by Freedom House and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty warn of a disturbing increase in political pressure, censorship, and attacks on journalists.  Read more about this:

Also, here is the video of the discussion.

There is also a number of other relevant videos from CIMA, such as Attacks on Press Freedom and Human Rights in Sri Lanka and Soft Censorship: Chipping Away at Press Freedom in Latin America.

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One Response to Useful links for further information…

  1. acpart says:

    That press freedom index, I just want to know what’s going on in Eritrea. A less free press than North Korea? I guess the Eritrean press must be saying their leader shot 33 in a round of golf, just beating Kim Jong-Il’s 34?

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