This blogproject was (apart from keeping us busy) meant to answer the question:

What effect is digital technology having on efforts to defend and improve press and broadcasting freedom worldwide?

I think, every single one of us tried their best to analyse the situations in different countries, find various aspects of how digital technologies are used and why and also to include latest news to make it more palpable.

I hope, that all the links, videos and audio helped to bring that across and that our blog was informative and interesting for those wanting to know more about press freedom in general and the link to digital technologies in particular. I certainly want to thank all those of you who sparked the discussion with their comments!

Through choosing a couple of case studies, we tried to somehow get around the vast field of press freedom. I am sure there are other ways to do it, and there are so many more countries that we could have talked about, so there is definitely potential to extend this project.

Fact is, that I learned a lot. Not only through our own blog but also through reading the blogs of the other groups and seeing their presentations. So… well done, everybody! 🙂


About Anne Gonschorek

I am a globetrotter. A dreamer. A geek. A perfectionist. And hopelessly romantic. I am scared of a lot of things and always eager to challenge each and every single one of them. I am German, currently being lost located in Falmouth/Cornwall. Above all that, I am now a multimedia journalist. I just happened to find out that the sun actually does shine in England. ...sometimes. For all the other days, I hold it with Bob Dylan: "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."
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