The End…

So, we’re at the end of the project and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about freedom of the press worldwide.  I would conclude that we are lucky to live in the UK where we have such freedom of expression that we should be free from fear in what we write (within reason) and can do our jobs acting as the voice of the people.

Yesterday we all attended the One World Student Media Programme by Sophie Chalk.  While we discussed in length how to create a successful news report or documentary, something else we discussed was media coverage in developed or, more interestingly, undeveloped countries.

We have been working toward finding the answer for press freedom worldwide, and how the internet has shaped that. Yesterday made me realise just how lucky we journalists are in the UK, and I would hope that in the future we will all do our bit to share  and report  on the struggles many face.

Something I think we will all agree on is no matter how much freedom the press we have in our country, or that in others, or how much coverage one news item gets over another, poverty, disease and how we can help, simply does not get enough.

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