The Power of the Social Network

My contribution to the presentation on the question: “What effect is digital technology having on efforts to defend and improve press and broadcasting freedom worldwide?”

Done as an ‘as-live’ during the presentation, in the style of a Youtube rant.  Post-modern, or what?


About Adrian

Musician, Entrepreneur, and Zen practitioner/teacher based in The Lake District, UK.
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3 Responses to The Power of the Social Network

  1. This was definitely the best part of your presentation – it was so engaging and worked really well. I’m still astounded that you managed to make some people think that you were really doing it though! the play button at the start was a bit of a give away. Anyway, I think you used 3 minutes very effectively to explain your point – it shows exactly what is possible for people that are able to upload things to the internet. Those who have no press freedom, things like youtube, twitter, facebook and all sorts of social media allow people to get their message across. I had never really thought about things like this until you guys did you presentation, and you explained it all so effectively and simply. Well done!

  2. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Love this. A really effective way of presenting this information.

    You managed to get a lot into the three minutes and really demonstrated the benefits social media can have on the transmission of information and facts. Technology really is breaking boundaries – political, social, geographical – and the movements seen in the Middle East are incredible.

    However, whilst 3G and satellite communications are enabling communications across the globe, it is still only the richer, more developed countries that have access to information transmitted by these technologies.

    Times are changing though, with technology gradually seeping into less economically developed countries. Do you think there will be more revolutions to come? And just how will the globe shift politically as a result?

  3. Great idea guys- really proved your point. Adrian- first class Youtube rant. And gullible me, didn’t see the play button and definitely would have fallen for it ‘as live’, if I hadn’t seen Adrian realising his Skype issues before the presentations started! Bad luck.

    For all those pointless tweets, Twitter is the tool which has shocked me the most these past six months that we’ve been at UCF. As well as the huge capabilities it has for us as trainee journalists, we have seen political revolution in parts of the world which have been silenced for years and years.

    And it’s certainly spreading. I know that many pairs of eyes all over the African continent are watching what is happening in Libya at the moment very closely indeed.

    I think Laura’s point is fair though. Although people’s access to the internet is growing fast, there are many remote areas, where many many people live, where electricity is not sufficient to sustain an internet connection. Mobile phones are certainly having their part to play. Proof that there’s alot more of this revolution to come.

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