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Egypt and the internet ‘killswitch’

The protests in Egypt this year captured the world’s attention and part of the initial excitement about the protests was that they were a “Facebook revolution”, with the initial spark for the¬†unprecedented¬†demonstrations coming from the new and uncontrollable frontier of … Continue reading

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Libel tourism or: When the internet is a bad thing for press freedom

In August 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law the¬†Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act (or, if you prefer SPEECH). Why? To protect Americans from being sued in foreign countries for things they say and … Continue reading

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North Korea – high tech and low tech. Part 2

Ok so in my last post I talked about North Korea, the world’s second most restrictive country for press freedom (after Eritrea) and how, with internet access nonexistent, televisions and radios pretuned only to approved, government run stations and incredibly … Continue reading

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North Korea – high tech and low tech

This blog is supposed to be about modern technology breaking down the barriers to a free press. I’m sure someone else will write about Twitter in Iran or China’s Great Firewall, so allow me to go back in time a … Continue reading

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