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Egypt and the internet ‘killswitch’

The protests in Egypt this year captured the world’s attention and part of the initial excitement about the protests was that they were a “Facebook revolution”, with the initial spark for the unprecedented demonstrations coming from the new and uncontrollable frontier of … Continue reading

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The Power of the Social Network

My contribution to the presentation on the question: “What effect is digital technology having on efforts to defend and improve press and broadcasting freedom worldwide?” Done as an ‘as-live’ during the presentation, in the style of a Youtube rant.  Post-modern, … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Digital Technology

As many of us have mentioned in this blog, digital technology has had a huge impact on press freedom.  I was tempted to do a summary, but Anne did this perfectly, and I don’t feel another one from me is … Continue reading

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Wikileaks – The Cablegate Scandal

Julian Assange will face trial in Sweden for alleged sexual assault.  To many, this man is ‘Public Enemy Number One’.  And following Wikileaks most daring move towards the end of last year, it is easy to see why he is … Continue reading

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The Internet and Iran’s Twitter revolution.

As mentioned in the previous post, during the protests following the 2009 elections, mobile phones and cameras showed the world how the government treated the protesters.  But without the Internet, those pictures would never have left the country. The Internet … Continue reading

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